Complementary Cancer Treatment (CCT)

Complementary Cancer Treatment (CCT)


Complementary Cancer Treatment embodies the highest level of conventional Western medicine and integrates those conventional protocols with advanced Eastern therapies that address the physical, nutritional and psychological aspects of healing and recovery.

We use every potential strategy to strengthen your body with the goal of eradicating the cancer with which you’ve been diagnosed; and, then, we work with you to build your body and its defenses to help you protect against cancer in the future.


The only thing that will keep a patient in remission from cancer is good health. That means physical, nutritional and psychological health. Cancer occurs because of our compromised health that allows cancerious growth to occur unchecked by the bodies natural defense and resistance mechanisms. Come learn the techniques  to help gain control of the biggest factor in controlling our immune system, hormonal levels, enzymes, cellular respiration, removal of toxins and our ability to create cellular energy.


Many current drugs suppress the immune system, destroy existing health, and work against the body’s natural healing mechanisms trying to kill cancer cells and at the same time depressing  the body’s ability to heal it’s self.

We use positive techniques to build positive health

  1. Physically – Experience special techniques that work to strengthen the body and improve vital energy flow and electrical balance.
  2. Nutritionally – Learn about Nutritional foods and products to provide the body with the best nutrients, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and immune system boosters possible.
  3. Psychologically – Did you know our brain controls the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland? They are responsible for supporting and controlling every chemical function in the body. The brain controls levels of serotonin, oxytocin, growth hormone, cortisol levels, testosterone / estrogen levels, and over 1500 other chemical processes in the body. Of all the processes in the body: mechanical, biological, and chemical the primary system in the body is electrical.  Our nervous system is the electrical control switching and communication center for all bodily processes.  Both our conscious and sub-conscious mind affect and control every biological process. What we think actually affects our health. Therefore we must learn how to think in healthy ways to support our overall health.We have combined the best techniques, protocols, tools and treatments to help restore optimal health.

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